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Aura effectively monitors your baby’s breathing motion without physical contact.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable wearables and the stress of added sensors on your little one.

Remarkable HD Clarity

A clear view, day or night so you can see if your baby’s eyes are open even in pitch black.

Waking & Sleeping Notifications

Instead of wondering if your baby is going to stay down or if you can catch them before getting fussy, Aura will let you know.

A Full Perspective, Sleeping & Beyond

Remotely pan the camera around the room to monitor beyond the crib – from the newborn stage through toddlerhood.

AI-Powered, In The Best Way.

A dynamic duo of AI and advanced computer vision monitors your baby's breathing patterns, providing real-time alerts for peace of mind.

Expertly Tuned Audio Designed For SoothingA calm and soothing environment is essential for babies’ development and sleep. Aura takes tranquility to the next level.

Calming Soundscapes

Transport baby to their dream world with masterfully engineered sounds proven to comfort even the toughest sleepers.

More Restful Nights

Passive woofers provides the most balanced soothing experience.

Keep Your Baby Close, Even From Afar

Soothe your little one remotely with two-way talk because there's nothing like a familiar voice.

Everything In One Place From the morning bottle to the most recent diaper change, keeping tabs of everything throughout the day can be overwhelming. With an in-app diary, you can easily input important data and share trends with pediatricians or caregivers.
Which Aura is right for you?

Aura + Wall Mount

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Aura + Floor Stand

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The Nanobébé Experience

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